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Jumpstart DCIM Implementation with NetZoom™ Pro

Altima Technologies, Inc. today released a new multi-user, browser-based NetZoom product, NetZoom Pro, for IT and Facility asset management teams who collaboratively manage small to medium sized data centers. NetZoom Pro allows network and data center professionals to manage their assets and connectivity, automatically generate reports and diagrams, and easily inventory and audit the data center in preparation for implementing a full-suite DCIM software product.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 9, 2015

Altima Technologies, the leading provider of innovative data center management solutions, announced the availability of its new software, NetZoom™ Pro. NetZoom Pro is a multi-user, browser-based NetZoom application that that enables teams of IT and Facility professionals to manage asset infrastructure, connectivity and rack elevations for small to medium sized data centers. NetZoom Pro is an asset management solution that has many of the features found in full data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools.

“DCIM industry analysts recommend using a phased approach to ensure a successful DCIM implementation. We believe that NetZoom Pro is the perfect first step on your DCIM implementation path as it allows both the IT and facility sides of an organization the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for DCIM by successfully managing the organization’s assets and connectivity prior to making a substantial investment in full-suite DCIM software product,” said Sara Clark, President of Altima Technologies.

NetZoom Pro includes dozens of advanced asset management and productivity features. A full list of features can be found at NetZoom.com. Major features include:

  • Complete modeling of data centers and racks
  • Accurate port-to-port connectivity management and connectivity reporting
  • Dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Mobile inventory collection and auditing
  • Automatically created rack elevations with connectivity and floor layout diagrams with drill down
  • Population of device asset inventory through auto discovery, importing from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft® Visio® diagrams
  • Mobile app for offsite data center management
  • Access to the cloud-based NetZoom Device Library of device shapes from over 5,000 leading hardware manufacturers
  • “NetZoom Pro is a new multi-user NetZoom product designed to give you a jumpstart when you are considering implementing a DCIM solution. NetZoom Pro is an economical solution that allows you to focus on the initial task of managing your data center asset inventory and connectivity prior to the process change required to implement a full featured DCIM. Then, when your inventory is under control and the organization is ready, it is easy to step up to a DCIM like NetZoomDC,” stated Alan Schenwar, General Manager of Altima Technologies.

    NetZoom Pro is positioned centrally in Altima’s suite of data center management tools. Current users of NetZoom for Windows can seamlessly upgrade to NetZoom Pro to take advantage of the advanced features. All data center asset inventory and connectivity information maintained in NetZoom Pro can be easily migrated to NetZoomDC™, Altima’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software.


    NetZoom Pro is immediately available in both On-Premise and SaaS versions. Visit NetZoom.com for more information. Pricing includes free support, a renewable 12-month subscription, as well as free software updates and device shape requests.

    About Altima Technologies

    Founded in 1995, Altima Technologies, Inc. is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima Technologies, Inc. delivers innovative data center infrastructure management solutions through its NetZoom applications and services to model, manage, monitor and maximize data center assets, capacity and efficiency. NetZoom applications are already in use by thousands of data centers worldwide. Easy to implement and simple to use, NetZoom applications readily offer productivity to data center professionals.

    Our flagship DCIM solution, NetZoomDC is used by leading global companies across all industries including financial, government, health, energy, manufacturing, travel, education, research, and IT.

    Altima Technologies, Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leading provider of data center software solutions.

    For more information, visit NetZoom.com.

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